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Vampire Breast Lift

by / Wednesday, 19 October 2016 / Published in Vampire Breast Lift

vampire-breast-lift-email-3Ladies, do you want beautiful breasts again?

This is a magical procedure in which a small quantity of Platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood is injected strategically into your breasts to stimulate growth of new fatty tissue for smoothness, and new blood vessels for a healthy glow. This results in fuller, firmer, younger breasts with pinker, rejuvenated, more sensitive nipples.
Who may benefit from this procedure?

  • If the skin color of the breast has become more gray because of less blood flow
  • If the shape of the breast has become collapsed and droopy
  • If the sensation has decreased after breast-feeding, implants, or other surgery, or due to age
  • If you have inverted nipples
  • If you have crinkling of the skin in the Cleavage area (especially after implant surgery)

After about two months you will notice that the skin is healthier more younger looking with a glow due to new blood vessel formation. The nipples will look pinker and firmer. The breasts will seem to be lifted as compared to its previous shape. If you have stretch marks, they will look much improved and sometimes disappear.


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