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O-Shot® (Orgasm Shot)


O-Shot® (Orgasm Shot) $1900

Around 4 out of 10 women have sexual dysfunction to the point that it's a serious psychological distress for them, yet very few of them will ever discuss it with their doctors

Who can benefit from the O Shot ?
If you answer YES to any of the following questions you may benefit from this procedure:
1.Do you experience pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)? you have a decreased sex drive (Low Libido)?
3.Do you have a difficult time being sexually aroused?
4.Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm during sex?
5.Do you lose urine involuntarily if you cough, sneeze, run or strain?

what is the O shot ? (Short for orgasm shot)
It is a 20 minute office procedure in which a small quantity of your own blood (The same amount as would be drawn to do a basic blood test) is taken from your arm It is then spun in a special centrifuge machine to separate the platelet rich plasma ( PRP) that contains a high concentration of 8 growth factors and signaling proteins. A local anesthetic cream is applied to both your arm (prior to drawing the blood )and to the Vagina for 20 minutes to completely numb it before injecting the PRP into the vagina in two areas PAINLESSLY with a very tiny needle.

Dr. Mazhar G. Nawaz and Seemi Nawaz , CEO pictured here with Dr . Charles Runels, inventor of O-Shot.
Dr. Nawaz is one of the most experienced surgeons in the greater Orlando area and surrounding counties. He has performed several thousand procedures over his long and distinguished career. Dr. Nawaz is affiliated with both Orlando health system and Florida Hospital system. He is certified by the American Board of surgery. He did his residency training at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan. He has practiced medicine and surgery for more than 43 years in the United States and has been practicing in the state of Florida since 1976. He is a fellow of the American College of surgeons as well as fellow of the international College of surgeons. He has been chief of surgery, Professor of surgery and director of postgraduate Institute at a University.

How does it work?
The PRP is it regenerative technology that deploys aspects of your own biochemistry. When activated with a small quantity of calcium it becomes Platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). The 8 growth factors that are released from the platelets will instinctively know how to repair and strengthen the specific tissues where they reside.

Are there any dangers or side effects ?
Since all of the constituents retrieved in PRP are exclusively from YOU (Autologous in origin), there is no risk of allergic reaction or intolerance ever reported in the literature in several thousand papers written on the subject.

How long does it take to work ? How long does it last ?
The effects of this injections may be immediately noticeable. The full effect of the shot takes three months. If desired effects are not achieved after 10 weeks, repeat the Injection. It may be repeated every 10 weeks until desired results are obtained. The effect lasts more than a year.

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